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Nowadays, no one bothers to move house on their own, and the reason is known to all of us; It’s busy. But can it actually reduce the hassle for you? Yes, a professional packer and mover company.
Dhaka Movers provides the best service to its customers. It simply surpasses customers with its customizable options. We do not design our services according to our convenience. Rather, we design it for you, just the way customers want it.
Especially when it comes to residential relocation, the whole process is undoubtedly emotionally draining. The hassle of moving to a new place at home, in the neighborhood, and the hassle of relocation add to the stress.
For your ultimate rescue, we advise you to take our best services – world-class packing supplies, decanter service, moving, transportation, customized options, rearrangement, and much more.


We’ve launched two types of services so far – Customers can choose one of these, or mix them according to their convenience or even claim their personalized service. Let’s see:

  • Basic services
  • Home inspection
  • Wrap
  • Full house packing
  • Transportation
  • Load and unload
  • Basic services

Our basic services include all the basics for a perfect home relocation. Our team of experts has been doing all this work for so many years that they have become professionals and they can provide you the best service regardless of the conditions and location.

Home inspection

First and foremost, our team goes for a proper home visit to guess everything. We inspect both properties for guessing – this ultimately allows us to decide on packing materials, loading-unloading process, required manpower, cost, transportation, and everything.

We never take chances and only act on conjecture; Instead, we prefer accurate inspections, case studies, and then final results. The whole process is highly organized; So, you have nothing to worry about.


When it comes to packing, we have variety on the table. Each household has different sets of furniture, appliances and different types of packing. There will be no need for an intensive packing policy like graduates where any family will need improved packing.

We have designed our package accordingly considering everyone’s needs.

Load and unload

Loading and unloading services are included in our basic service program. There are many instances where items have been damaged while loading and unloading. Don’t worry, we won’t let this happen to you. We have trained our staff to load and unload products and have suitable equipment for loading and unloading of any kind of staff.

Appropriate advice

Throughout the process, if you want, we give you the suitable advice for everything. If you do not have accurate knowledge of the process, our expert team will provide you with information and numbers for a better understanding. We offer property advice, and you can always ask for advice on renting, buying, and selling a home (this will help you a lot if you are new to the city).

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